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Hi There!  My name is Monica Reyes and I am PS 17's School Counselor, and a friend of your child :D
Having started my career at an early age, I feel that I have a strong connection with students and find myself as a generational advocate for them. I have achieved success in helping students handle stress and social issues, increase social skills, self-esteem, academic achievement, and organization skills. These highlights are seen through my counseling sessions with mandated or at hope students using a Solution Focused theoretical approach. Being of Latino descent, I firmly believe it is an important asset to be involved in the education department to help bridge a gap between language barriers, increasing cultural competency, mirroring academic success within the Latino community, and closing the achievement gap. I received my Bachelor's degree at Hunter College, majoring in Psychology and a double minoring in Sociology and Afro/Puerto Rican/Latino Studies. I returned to Hunter College for my Master's Degree in School Counseling and completed my Bilingual Extension. I am a highly dedicated person who is culturally aware and theoretically oriented in my field. I am passionate about the impact a counselor can have and my days are motivated by my student's social-emotional progression and kindness.  

Parents:  If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at


My PS 17 friends:  Feel free to e-mail me with any comments or concerns, or even if you just need a friend to speak to!  I'm here for you at

What We are Doing Now:
I am currently working with some children throughout our school for mandated and at-risk counseling.  I have been speaking with students about emotions, building communities, and developing social and appropriate behavioral skills all while balancing some programs in our building as well.  As the year goes by, we will continue to work together to ensure our students feel safe, happy, and emotionally/academically successful.  
This year I have partnered with Beautiful Me: an educational, self-esteem program designed to educate young women by promoting appreciation for their genuine qualities, self-awareness, and the satisfaction gained by helping others. Class 5-310 will also be participating in a LAMBA Literary program that promotes inclusivity through culturally relevant text where students will have the opportunity to have a specific book donated to their class, followed by a meeting with the author!  Our school will continue to celebrate Respect for All Week, No One Eats Alone Day and more and career day events.