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Dual Language

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The Dual Language Program at P.S. 17

We are pleased to offer a Dual Language Program (DLP) in English and Spanish at PS 17 in grades Pre-K-4th. Our DLP follows a 50/50 “rollercoaster model,” with the language of instruction alternating each day between English and Spanish. All subject areas (Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, and Science) are taught in both languages and lessons are never repeated or translated from one day to the next. It should however be noted that students receive attend specialty classes (Music, Art, Theater, Gym) in English only.

Just as our program follows a 50/50 model, we strive to create classroom environments that represent an equal balance between both English and Spanish. Our classroom libraries are stocked with equal amounts of books in English and Spanish, each room features separate Word Walls in each language, and student work is displayed around the room in both languages. In order to keep the two languages clear for our children, we follow a color-coding system, using red for to identify Spanish text and materials and Blue for English. Especially in the early years, these colors help students to differentiate between the two languages and help to avoid confusion.

Classwork and homework assignments are designed to reinforce bilingualism and biliteracy. Nightly homework will be in the same language as the day’s instruction (i.e. If Monday is an English Day, the child’s homework on Monday night will also be in English). In addition to regular homework assignments, students are expected to read each night in the language of the day (independently or with a parent/guardian).

Learning in two languages is not only rigorous and challenging but also highly rewarding and valuable to college and career readiness. The staff of the DLP is passionate about our mission to create bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural global citizens and are here to help ease the learning process in any way that we can.


Our Vision

The vision of the Dual Language Program at PS 17Q is to empower students to become lifelong learners who are bilingual, bicultural, and bi-literate. They will grow into confident role models who will embrace diversity and invoke a positive change in our global society.   

Nuestra visión

La visión del programa de lenguaje dual en PS 17Q es en fortalecer a los estudiantes que sean estudiantes bilingües, biculturales y     bi-alfabetizados de por vida. Ellos se desarrollarán a ser líderes seguros de sí mismos que se dedicarán a la diversidad e invocarán un cambio positivo en nuestra sociedad global.